Saturday, April 9, 2011

Creepy Crow and Sparrow

We passed this dead crow hanging in a pecan tree. There was a stiff breeze and the stiff crow was swinging.


We were puzzled as it seemed to have been placed there. So I went home and Googled it and learned that it not such an uncommon practice to hang dead crows as scarecrows. It rather creeped me out!

Further down the road, B pointed out this paper wasp nest. This was not close and I could not get close even if I wanted to. So wonderful photography this is not. But as I looked at it…..


Jack Sparrow? Is it just me? Or do you see it, too? Dreadlocks and all.




Anonymous said...

Funny, that does look like Jack Sparrow. Did you find out if those bees in the ground sting?

Mary Lou

S N B said...

Thanks, Mary Lou! We did not learn anymore about the bees and they have disappeared. All very odd.