Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting a Boot Job

Some women who go through mid-life crises go for plastic surgery  or buy fancy cars or take a cruise. I've just had a boot job. No, I spelled it correctly.

A number of years ago my sister was going to go hiking with a boyfriend and some of his friends. She didn't want to wimp out and so in preparation, she bought some VERY nice water-proof hiking boots. Long story, short: the boots lasted longer than the boyfriend and she ended up giving the boots to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed them and have even loaned them to my daughter-in-law for mountain trips. They fit me better than they do her and she eventually bought her own.

Well, recently, I noticed that they were beginning to lose their soles. This is not going to keep the water-proofness, now is it? So I took them back to the store in town where they came from---in their original box with the store's name on the price sticker. With little said, the owner shipped them back and the company replaced them with new boots. When I asked how long it would take to hear back from the company, the owner said about three weeks. I joked and said, then I would  have "Easter boots." Sure enough, they came back just in time, so we took this picture of my Easter outfit and my new boots.


MG 7315 2

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Anonymous said...

I hope the old ones were given a nice retirement.