Thursday, July 29, 2010

Red-shouldered Hawks on the Hunt

One morning recently, B and I were finishing our coffee on the screen porch when a hawk swooped across the little grassy spot and came to perch on an impossibly small knob left when the wild cherry self-pruned during a storm. It was one of the big red-shouldered hawks that live in our neighborhood. After it had sat there a while, I said, “Okay, go catch a snake.”

The words were no sooner out of my mouth, when it swooped down just six feet in front of us and picked up a little ring-necked snake that was hidden in the grass! We had no idea that little guy was there!  But that was probably what the hawk came for originally and then saw us as it came around the side of the house and decided to go to the little perch. After observing that we were actually in a people cage, it decided it was safe to finish its hunting business at hand ---make that “claw”.

Yesterday morning, B mowed the backyard and before supper he made the discovery of this pile of feathers on the otherwise beautiful lawn.


These are mourning dove feathers.  We are guessing it was at the bird feeder when a red-shouldered hawk made a swoop. There was only a single drop of blood, that can be seen at the lower right. It was thoughtful to leave only a feather mess, and not messy parts and pieces.

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