Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Few Signs From the NC Camping Trip

You know you are in camping country when you can buy kerosene at the pump.

You know you are in camping land....

We have skeeters, Georgia has gnats and North Carolina had flies, flies, flies. They knew when it was meal time, too. We bought this fly-tape in a farm store and hung it over the table. At one point a couple of day's later, the guys were counting over 35 flies and more of other kinds of bugs that were stuck on.

Got flies!

This notice was stenciled in several places in camp.

Good grief!

The teacher in me cringes.

We passed these more charming signs coming and going from our campground.



We didn’t  take them up on the clogging class.

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Daniel said...

Magical horse-drawn carriage!

Also: 10PM to 6AM? That IS quite a time!