Friday, July 9, 2010

The Hunter and the Hunted

I was attracted to this giant swallowtail that was in the butterfly garden that we enjoy out our kitchen window.

The light was harsh but I did want to try because this guy was hand-size.



After trying out the phlox, it moved on to the buddleia. Take a look at the head of this butterfly. The camera angle  makes it look like it has a screw for a proboscis.  I did not notice it when I was taking pictures, trying to keep up with a very active butterfly. I think it must have been a twig with a vine twisted around it.


While I was doing this, B noticed something else in the buddleia.


This green anole had caught a butterfly. I think it was some kind of skipper.


When I wished the green anole the other day “happy hunting,” I was thinking more along the lines of stink bugs. We will consider renaming it “bloodleia.”

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