Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Belgium Girls

While we were packing up from camping in North Carolina, a young woman came up asking for directions to a bathroom. I told her I would show her. As we walked, we talked and I asked where home was. She said, “Fort Collins, Colorado.” I said, “When we leave here, we are going to stop in town and pick up some Fat Tire beer to take home to our sons. Fat Tire is not sold in Florida and they are fans.” Through the stalls, I asked, “What do you do in Fort Collins?” Her answer astounded me: she said she works for New Belgium Brewing Company (which produces Fat Tire!)

Had I been observant, I might have noticed the New Belgium logo on her jacket.

Stacy organizes the Urban Assault events around the country (where their products are available) and was on her way to Charlotte. The Urban Assault is a scavenger hunt, on bicycles. And there is a party afterward.


Their next event was in Austin, Texas, where they limit the participants to 1500--- and always sell out. We have some friends in Austin that we passed the word to.

Mills River camping area is rather out of the way. It is small and almost at the end of a dead-end road. It is remote, to say the least. To have happened upon each other, was remarkable.

Stacy was very friendly and was one of those people that I felt an immediate connection with. She even offered some samples of lip balm and three of their other products. It was fun for me to have my picture taken with her and her van.

My parting words to her were, “My mama taught me to always talk to strangers!”

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