Monday, November 3, 2008

More Mule Day

Part of each year's festivities involves the demonstration of the traditional way to make cane syrup. This has been an important part of the area's history. In fact the local football team at the high school is known as the Syrupmakers.

Below is the belted chute that removes the pressed sugar cane.


This steamy little barn is where the juice is reduced to syrup by boiling it. They were bottling it on the spot. Those volunteers found themselves in a fairly sticky situation.


Not to be missed are the old engines that range from farm equipment to ancient boat motors. This one was running and its slow, rhythmic  pop, pop, pop could be heard before it could be seen. The sign said it was a 1913 Fairbanks Morse N.


Other old engines were flying: three old biplanes flew overhead. Here is the one I caught. (You have to be careful catching biplanes!)


So there is a lot more than mules at Mule Day!

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