Sunday, August 2, 2015

He Looks Like a Bowe

This elaborate, luxury resort could be seen across the bay from our Exuma porches. It is abandoned and looks like it has been some time since anyone enjoyed the views those rooms afforded. However, it looks to still have promise. It must have provided many needed jobs for the locals.

We were told the large restaurant sat on the point, but all that is left from some storm is the foundation. 

The real destruction seems to have taken place from within the walls.

Our first morning in Exuma, we were sitting at breakfast, when our server remarked about B, "He looks like a Bowe. He looks like Nigel Bowe." Some research led us to the story that Nigel was a prominent attorney in Exuma, whose more notable clients were drug-runners. It was he who built the resort on the point. According to rather reputable sites on the Internet, he eventually became a convicted drug runner himself, flying cocaine from Columbia to West Palm Beach and Miami, by way of Exuma.

When I Googled his name for images, all kinds of pictures come up: black men, white women, even Bill Cosby and President Obama! Clicking on a few, I suspect there was not a picture of this Nigel Bowe.  

But it is a little disconcerting that B looks like someone of that high profile.

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