Friday, August 14, 2015

Down By the Station

The night we spent at the Peaks of Otter was B's birthday. I wanted dinner to be some place special. I selected the Liberty Station in the town of Bedford, Virginia. It was a short twenty minute drive down to the valley. The restaurant is in a newly restored train station and featured a mural of the Peaks.

The hostess operates from this ticket office.

The decor was fun. The staff was well-trained and the place was spotless.

A freight train came by while we were eating. It was very close on the other side of the chain link fence, but only the rumbling noise of the engines arriving was a little loud.

I have never seen fresh bread presented in this way. Each kind was delicious, as was the pink cherry butter.

Our food was perfectly prepared. We rarely order dessert, but since it was his birthday, he enjoyed a fresh peach cobbler a la mode and I had this amazing three-berry strudel. The portions were generous and we saved half of the strudel and enjoyed it at another time.

Bedford is the home of the National D-Day Memorial. We just missed it at closing time, but saw the grounds (from the closed gate) and outside of the museum. Bedford was selected as the site for the memorial to the more than 9,000 soldiers who died then because it suffered the highest per capita loss in the country, a very sad claim to fame.

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