Friday, August 21, 2015

Calvert Cliffs

I had read about Calvert Cliffs and been intrigued. Cliffs on Florida beaches are rather rare, don't you know. The cliffs continue for some twenty miles of coastline along the part of Chesapeake Bay but the only public access is at Calvert Cliff State Park. The hike to the shore from the parking lot is 1.8 miles, one way through  woods. It is a pleasant walk, most of the way. The deer flies were in one spot. We had come prepared with water, hats, sleeves and somewhat appropriate shoes.  The trail got sloppy in a couple of places and the Gortex boots in the trunk would have served well.

This fallen tree had been carved into a seat and stool.

But, I thought better than to place my butt at someone's door.

The little stream provided nice walking music.

There was sign of beaver work.

On the far side of the shore was a lodge. That picture did not turn out. 

Below is an alligator picture. That is our family name for a picture that has something in it that is rather hard to find. But there is a log near the bird box that looked quite like an alligator coming onshore. As Floridians, we like to joke about seeing alligators and mullet and other local creatures in unlikely places.

Eventually, we reached the tiny beach. We had it to ourselves on this drizzly, steamy morning.
We found a few shell fossils and some ray teeth. I shed my sneakers and waded in the Chesapeake Bay, picking up hands full of shells and throwing them onshore for B to look through. I had expected sharks' teeth, but was content with having visited, hiked and found what we did. 

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