Thursday, August 6, 2015

Demolishing Dorman and Deviney

The building shown below with the wrecking ball crashing into its head was known as Dorman Hall on the Florida State University campus. It was built in the 1950s and when it was a mere twenty or so years old, I lived in it for two years.

The lift on the right was spraying water into the "wound" so that there was no dust at all coming out.

Yes, that is a truck tire.

Deviney, next door, is also scheduled to come down.
I got to talk to one of the supervisors and learned that the blue dumpster indicated that the asbestos was contained in it. 

The plastic chutes are used to remove the hazardous waste from the buildings. All but the bottom three floors had  been recovered. 

I was told that each bag of material is labeled with its source, in this case, FSU. It is taken to a designated landfill. If it ever has to be relocated, it is the source's responsibility to do so. So, in reality, they can NEVER really get rid of the stuff.

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