Saturday, August 15, 2015

Frederick, Maryland

On the way to Maryland, we got stuck in a traffic jam in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. We probably spent 45 minutes inching along toward and through where some tree trimming was progressing. We had time to see the rafters on the Potomac River. We were thankful we had adequate gasoline and for cold sodas and cheese crackers and nuts that we had in the car as we waited and waited at lunch time.

When we finally made it through, we saw mile after mile of interstate traffic backed up, trying to get through the same two-lane, down to one-lane, spot. We felt really sorry for the truckers and the people just trying to get to the river to put in their kayaks.

We selected Frederick, Maryland for a lunch stop. Trip Advisor had recommended a barbecue place called the Black Hog. We found it right in the historic district. It was a charming and bustling town, with high stoops to accommodate the snow.

The popular Black Hog had a really cool building and the food wasn't bad.  Because it was so late, B and I split a plate. I like pulled pork to have more flavor, even before you add the sauce, than this had and it was a little pricier than we are accustomed to. I tried the cole slaw which was vinegar-based, but I found it to be bitter.

In both the ladies' and men's rooms, we were amused to find flatscreen televisions mounted on the wall in front of the commodes. I guess you don't want to miss a minute of the Terrapin or Oriole action. 

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