Sunday, August 16, 2015

Doing the Ladew

Ladew Gardens was  begun in 1929 when Harvey Ladew bought the farm. No, he didn't die then; indeed, it was the beginning of a legacy for all to enjoy. He purchased Pleasant Valley Farm in Maryland and started to plant. He was a self-taught gardener and ahead of his time in our country for creating separate garden rooms using a theme. There are twenty-one separate gardens to tour.

Love the chairs!

There are several fountains and other water features.

The Japanese beetles were feasting on the roses.

and they were in the process of making more beetles. 

A fruit garden was named the Garden of Eden. The living wall below was composed of  pear and apple trees that had been espaliered. 

There were varying bird, bat, bee and butterfly habitats.

This little building was a teahouse. In keeping with its exterior, it was quite formal inside. 

The feature that attracted me to the gardens was the topiaries, for which it is known. Below is the hunt scene on the front lawn of the house. Beyond this group, and out of the photo, the fox leads.

The topiary garden  was a little difficult to decipher. 

Some were in need of a trim. Interestingly, we saw no gardeners at work on this Saturday morning. There were volunteers in the gift shop and butterfly exhibit, but no one was out maintaining all of these plants. 

Ladew was certainly worth the country drive and provided an entertaining morning.

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