Saturday, August 4, 2012

Waterlogged by Debby

We have found that our drive to Central Florida to visit my dad and brother can be nicely broken up by a quick stop into the little rest area at the Suwannee River on U.S. 19 and 98. When we stopped after Debby had come through, the river was up and moving fast and was expected to crest the following day. 

Apparently, a log had lodged up under the floating dock and was perceived to be a problem and in need of removal. Two rangers were working to free it.

Reinforcement arrived in the form of a third ranger with a somewhat skinnier pole than I would have expected would be required to deal with the problem. But, hey, I was not consulted.

We left them to their task and headed on to Tallahassee. We stopped by a couple of weeks later and there was no sign of the troublesome log, so it  had been resolved somehow.


Floridacracker said...

You were in my neighborhood!

S N B said...

Yup! We wave!

Island Rider said...

That's our favorite stop, too! Halfway between home and Pensacola. maybe we will see you there sometime!