Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Island Heat

When we visited in St. Augustine, we enjoyed a walk out on the boardwalk to the Intracoastal Waterway. The tide was coming in but there was plenty of mud and fiddler crabs below.

If you look to the horizon, there is an island. To the left of it, is what is left of an island that used to look quite similar, until it burned.

Our son had heard on his radio and seen the smoke and since it is in his neighborhood, he had taken a few pictures.

This was as close as he was allowed.

It is a long boardwalk, so it was a haul to get out there with fire equipment.

Supposedly, the fire was started by some young boys who were trying to cook crabs they had caught.

Months later, the boardwalk had been rebuilt, but all but the palms were gone.

This was a large pine.

As evidenced by the burn line on these palms, it was a hot fire.

This one was even higher.

Here again is the contrast between the two islands. 

Remember the stones that move through the desert of their own accord?  
 Well, there was a picnic table that was apparently doing the same.

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