Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cattle Egrets Versus Grasshoppers

We knew we were growing a good crop of grasshoppers. We had lots in all sizes and colors. One evening recently, we arrived to discover cattle egrets working the fields. They are often seen over with the horses, two or three at a time, but this was a flock and we were glad to see them and welcomed them to all the grasshoppers they could feed on.

Catching up on the water cooler scuttlebutt.

Two weeks later, when we no  longer saw the cattle egrets, we had a hatch of dragonflies. There were hundreds of them flying over our garden. At present, our plot is the only one planted: the rest has been recently plowed. So many of the insects are concentrated into our plants for food and cover. So that is where the dragonflies were feeding. I did notice fewer gnats, too.

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