Thursday, August 2, 2012

Debby Does Wacissa

Some of the areas around Tallahassee took a beating from the continuous hard rains that Tropical Storm Debby brought. There were lots of pictures and film of the community of Sopchoppy. Our garden is in the community of Wacissa. Tram Road, which is a  major route between Wacissa and Tallahassee, was flooded and closed for a few days.

 The road along our route to the garden had washed out.

Down in the rubble in the large hole created was a segmented tuber of a rattlesnake weed, also known as Florida betony. It will, no doubt, survive. (It is the weed I dread most will come to our yard.)

This beautiful butterfly was also down in the hole and came up to visit my sock while I was taking pictures. Hello, friend!

This is where we have been to pick blueberries. The canoe rental was probably a good idea at this point.

This not a lake, but a pasture.

This water was really moving, but was no longer over the road.

Someone's driveway:

This is to the left of the driveway.

The sign below indicates the property owner was concerned about Nestles coming in to collect water from Wacissa Spring. Little did they know that it was Debby, not Nestle, that would cause Wacissa residents the most problems.

Thankfully, since we took these pictures, the water levels have mostly gone back to normal.

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