Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our Prairie Home-Boy

No, our son is hardly a boy anymore, but I was trying to work the Prairie Home Companion line and that is how it came out.

D took us to some of the prairie that he has burned as part of a prescribed fire program. The beauty of a prairie is subtle and could be overlooked. At times, there are many wildflowers but we only saw a few blooms. Many animals depend on the prairie for habitat and it is the natural state of parts of our country. Prairies have naturally burned to maintain themselves to keep certain trees and invasive species from taking over, and to keep propagating other plants.

Take a look at this table. 

It flips to become a bench. Nice design!

I am not sure if these were blackberries or huckleberries, but they were plentiful and tasty.

We also visited their wildlife refuge.

In the distance are the limestone bluffs along the Missouri River.

We now have a mental picture of where he volunteers.

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