Friday, July 13, 2012

A Few More Surprises On the Trip

We don't see many of these signs along our roads....

This 15' fiberglass strawberry is the focal point of Strawberry Point, Iowa and claims to be the largest strawberry in the world.

See the face on the water tank? I think it also has a snorkel.

Gas prices in North Alabama were definitely a pleasant surprise after the gouging in Wisconsin. We splurged and put in a tank of high-test and that Toyota purred all the way home.

Metropolis, Illinois: our son has visited a few of their attractions.

In a neighborhood in Columbia, Missouri, we passed these metal sculptures on the lawns of houses.

The signs provide information.

I once wanted to learn to weld so that I could create similar sculptures from recycled metal materials. They have always fascinated me.

I love old panel vans and this one was outside a BBQ place where our son took us in Columbia.

The morning we left Columbia, there were four hot-air balloons in the sky.

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