Friday, July 27, 2012

Going to the Devil on a Hot, Hot Day

We were actually in Missouri before the heat wave got things really cooking. They have had 106 degree days for about a month now.  Miserable!  But the mid-90s that we "enjoyed" were warm enough, thank you. Our son gave us a respite, though, when he took us hiking to the Rock Bridge Memorial State Park. Up a trail and along a boardwalk, we came to a cave known as the Devil's Ice Box. The rock bridge is shown below.

That crevice is much deeper than it looks below.

The entrance to the Devil's Icebox is below. From where I was standing to take the picture, I could already feel the cold air coming up. OHMYGOODNESS! Contrary to the name, it was heaven. You had to duck to get inside but then there was headroom.

This is looking up from inside.

The air was so, so cool, that it was hard to leave. Ahhhhh! I can feel it even now as I write and remember. Thanks, D!

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