Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Last Look at the University of Missouri

Mizzou was founded in 1839 as the first public institution for higher learning west of the Mississippi River. It is now a major public research university. There are actually four campuses in the state, but the main campus is in Columbia. Designated as a botanic garden, the 1,250 acre campus has 5,000 trees and 650 varieties of plants. The effect is beautiful, as well as instructive, as there are many plant labels.

This is the silent room of the main library. It was silent.

The giant columns on the green were part of the Academic Hall, built from 1840-43. It burned in 1892, due to an electrical experiment. 

The town of Columbia has similar characteristics to Gainesville, Florida, and our son found it an easy transition from his undergrad surroundings.


Paul Lamb said...

I must object!

There is only one Mizzou. The other three are universities of their own, and I happened to have attended two of them. Don't lump us with Mizzou!

S N B said...

I accept your objection and offer an apology! Here is what the Mizzou homepage offers:

Considered one of the nation's top-tier institutions, Mizzou has a reputation of excellence in teaching and research, and is the flagship campus of the four-campus University of Missouri System.

Apparently, I misinterpreted that. Thanks for noticing.