Thursday, July 26, 2012

Along the MKT Trail

Our son has a nice bike trail that he rides to and from the University of Missouri campus each day. It is a built on the Missouri-Kansas-Texas  rail line. It is ten feet wide and much of it is paved. We walked some of it and it was really lovely.

Twice, we saw deer.

Isn't she a beauty?

At the place shown below, there was an Earthcache. That is very similar to a geocache but there is no box to be found. There is a link to information about what you can see at that location. 

Our son's phone explained that this particular cut through the rock exposed the top section of a 2,000 foot column of limestone and sandstone strata that took 400 million years to create. We were looking at the Mississippian, Devonian and Ordovician time periods. Now that will make you feel young!

                                    Sadly, the stream water gets sewage run-off and seepage.

The trail has a number of bridges.

From one, I spotted a water snake below. We have seen these before in North Carolina.

Its nose was surfaced.

There were several minnow schools around it. (You can see their shadows in the last picture.) Perhaps they had found a protector from bigger fish. Still, I would think that would be an uneasy relationship.


Paul said...

I love the Katy Trail. I've ridden parts of it in the Rocheport area, which is a bit west of Columbia.

Yeah, those little fish can't be too pleased to have a predator sharing their pool with them.

Thanks for this fine post. (I hope your son is getting straight A's!)

Anonymous said...

Very Cool.