Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Ladies at Little Norway

We stopped a little off the beaten path to explore a little tourist trap in southwestern Wisconsin, called Little Norway. 

This dragon adorns the roof pitch.

Despite the tongue of fire, it was a cool spot on a warm day.

We ended up  not paying to go and see the house, which was actually originally constructed as a demonstration at the World's Fair in Chicago, but we enjoyed our visit in the quaint gift shop.

These friendly ladies, dressed in traditional Norwegian dresses, serve as tour guides and agreed to let me take their picture on the giftshop porch.

You cannot tell from the photographs that the designs on the bodices are made of tiny glass beads.

The woman on the left was engaged in Hardangersom, a kind of Norwegian white-on-white embroidery and cutwork. You may notice it on the lower parts of their aprons. It was truly stunning work.

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