Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last week, I got a letter in the mail stating that my Camry was one of the vehicles that Toyota was recalling to (hopefully) repair the accelerator that may stick in the down position, creating the likelihood of a crash. They were also making an adjustment on the driver’s floor mat that was blamed for interfering with the accelerator in some instances. So by Thursday, we had taken it to the dealership and it has supposedly been made safe.

I have been trying to sort out just how I feel about this but at this time do not have a lot of definitive ideas. What I do I know is that I am very practical and not a worrier. I know that I feel that my chances of having the accelerator stick were much less than my chances of being killed by someone running the only traffic light I go through every day to work. (I see it run almost every week by vehicles going more than 60 mph.) As far as whether or not Toyota officials knew there was a problem long before they said anything, I don’t think sets the company apart from most other large corporations. Would I buy another Toyota? Yes. Yes, I would.

Now B drives a truck made by Chevrolet. It has recently had the speedometer to go bad. He went on-line and found that it is a fairly common problem that Chevrolet recognizes but has not changed its manufacturing to correct, nor will they fix it (for free) after a certain number of miles on the odometer.

So here we are. We can get it fixed  for something around $500 or just use the GPS to calculate his speed.

I will say it has made our life just a little more interesting.


And for such speed, he gets great mileage!

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention that not many trucks will bury the needle.
I am impressed.