Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pieces of My Kentucky Heritage

Both of my parents were born and reared in eastern Kentucky, where their families had lived for generations. We still have lots of extended family there.


The quilt that hangs on the wall in our living room was made by my paternal grandmother, who died around 1983, after living her entire life in a small area in Kentucky.

The blue vase was made at  Bybee Pottery in Kentucky, founded in 1809. Our family has collected Bybee for decades as it was just down the road from my mama’s childhood home.

The little quilt mat was bought on my last trip to Kentucky, two summers ago. I bought it at Natural Bridge in the charming little gift shop there. The large lodge was built by my first cousin. The mat, I am sorry to say, was made in China, a fact that almost made me not buy it.  But I had already fallen in love with it and after some deliberation, decided that I could live with the fact that it was not locally quilted.

These are just a few of my Kentucky treasures: reminders of who came before me and who I am.

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Dani said...

I treasure my quilts too. Made lovingly by my grandma from feed sacks and my momma's baby clothes. Someday it will all be passed down to Elizabeth in her hope chest.