Friday, March 19, 2010


Our kindergartners were on the school bus for a field trip recently. We were driving past some of the preschools where our students had been before coming to “big school.” The kids were excitedly remarking, “That’s my preschool!” I asked the child sharing my seat, “Where did you go to preschool?” No answer. Try again: “Did you go to preschool?” His answer took me by surprise when he said, “Not yet!”


The fieldtrip was to the planetarium which shares a plaza with the Mary Brogan Museum. One of my students was heard to repeatedly call it the “Broken Mary Museum.”


One morning, one of my students asked, “ Why does the box always say a bad word?”

Well, I knew that the “box” was the intercom speaker, but that was where I got lost. So I asked, “The box says a bad word?”

He said, “Yes! It is always talking about who has car doody!”

(In case you were not sure, it is car ”duty” which is an assignment for teachers to assist children in and out of their cars in the drive-through.)


wlh said...

I love the way young minds work things out.

Dani said...

They're such cuties at that age!

Anonymous said...