Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Bash and Dash

Every year our school has its main fundraiser: a race (the Dash) and a carnival (the Bash). It is always the last Saturday in February. As a teacher, it is expected that I will attend and I always do and i always enjoy myself. The atmosphere is that of a giant party. I enjoy seeing former students and their families. Kids even in high school come back for the Bash and Dash. This year, I had my picture taken with three of my former students who are now in high school. One has shot up to well over six feet and towers over me.

All kinds of activities are set up from pony rides to climbing in a fire truck or helicopter to bouncy houses to musical productions by students, including a group of East Indian children dancing to their native music. The booths vary each year but my favorite pick this year was a little over the top: The Nose Pick.



By sticking both hands up in the nostrils, the kids got a hand full of green slime. I saw kids all over campus playing with their green slime. They loved it.

The Toilet Paper Toss was also creative.


Thousands of people come out for this annual affair and I have never heard anyone complain that they did not have a good time.

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