Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My First Date Was a Blind Date

My first date actually came before I was 16 which had been set by my parents as a suitable age to begin dating. But because I was with a group that included my sister and her boyfriend, I was allowed to go.

This car is like the one I rode in on that momentous occasion. This was in the late 1960’s, so even then this car was considered a classic.


It was a blind date in more ways than one. The boy was a co-worker of my sister’s boyfriend but we had never met. I was not going to go on my first date wearing my dorky glasses, so I left them at home. Now I am all but blind without them. We went bowling! Only my sister and her boyfriend knew about the glasses and they laughed watching me bowl a pretty decent game when I couldn’t see the pins at all.

Just look at this whole row of similar models! I had on my glasses today so I could see them.


No, I no longer choose vanity over vision.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny little sis!