Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alligator Pictures

Regular readers know that B and I have been going to the St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge for years and years and go more than once a month. We usually see alligators when we visit. Over the years, I have taken a lot of alligator pictures. Now the term “alligator picture” predates any decent zoom lens that I have had; the term has been used in our family for decades to describe a picture taken of anything that, once it was “developed,” you could no longer find much of the original subject in the photograph. It would camouflage into the surroundings and was, therefore, a poor picture.

For instance, here is an alligator picture from the 1970’s, taken down near the lighthouse at St. Marks. I assure you there was an alligator in this picture!


So this picture is worth a thousand words---or at least a thousand blades of grass---to make my point. And just in case that was not clear, here is another. Same place, same time period.


Well, thanks to a decent zoom, I no longer take as many “alligator" pictures,” though I continue to take pictures of alligators.


The last time we were down at the lighthouse, B noticed how much the skyline of trees look like an alligator partially submerged. The eye is on the right, the tail on the left.


So you tell me: Is it an alligator picture?


Floridacracker said...


I really like the shot in the clear water where he's touching his toes.

Anonymous said...

Me too on the toe touching shot!

It brings to mind a ballet of the wild. Critters just gotta dance!