Sunday, July 12, 2009

While They Were Fishin’


While they were fishing, I played. I waded in the same cool, clear water they fished in.


I collected small rocks to use in my classroom (when my  kindergartners study the Earth and Sky) and a couple of bigger ones to use in my garden at home. I was fascinated with the variety of rocks I could find. Of course, every one of them is different from the limestone we have in Florida and so they are interesting.


I sat on boulders in the middle of the river and created rock faces.

100_7763 100_7764

I found where another had created an installation in the river with rocks. It is hard to make out the bridge in the middle that went over  water, so I will provide a zoom.



I also took a good book; and I read all of four pages during the week. I was never bored for a second.

If it was not birds--- (we don’t get gold goldfinches—our rare ones are black and white in the winter),


it was insects –(this spider web was lined with what I think were blind mosquitoes)

Web and bugs

or trees ---no hemlocks here!

Wooley Adelgid on Hemlock 

or flowers



(White phlox amidst the poison ivy)---I have only seen the blue ones in the wild


or, as I said, rocks or ….whatever. 

And then there was the water.



Davidson R. at Cove Creek

There were places where the water was quite placid and others where I could barely stay on my feet.

And the air temperatures were so much nicer than at home. We woke three mornings to temperatures in the 50’s. On the warm mornings, it was in the 60’s. Does it get any better for camping in the summer than that? Summer camping in Florida holds no appeal to us.

Yeah, I found things to keep me occupied while they fished!

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