Friday, July 17, 2009

New Girls—And Aren’t They Koi?

B has always referred to the goldfish in our little pond as “the girls.” Truly, we have no idea of their gender, but that is their official name, collectively. We have never named fish individually.

We were recently offered some new fish by a couple whose fish had multiplied a little more quickly than desired. When we arrived at the house, we were shocked to find koi the size of my size-8 feet swimming in a large, elaborate pond.


We had originally said we would take 10 but backed that up to 6 when we saw the size of even the small ones. Because the man had recently given away as many as 50, the remaining ones were skittish and it took some doing to get the six.


But he finally did.


We took them home to be the big fish in the small pond instead of the other way around.


100_8000  Our original fish that were the large ones, became the small ones. I said I guess they will have to figure out a whole new pecking order.

B’s feedin’ the girls!


Hope they don’t grow TOOOOO big.


Floridacracker said...

Free koi and pretty ones at that! You scored big!

Kimberlee said...

Your last sentence reminded me of that story "Fish Out of Water." I adored that story as a child and my students loved it as well when I taught K.

I am (pleasantly) envious of your pond. I've always wanted one and would love to raise turtles. Unfortunately, I moved to the wrong state for all of that. Good luck with your new "girls."