Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spending Way Too Much Time in the Bathroom

All I really wanted was to freshen up the master bathroom with a coat of paint. We have lived here a dozen years and have been slow to make changes. The wallpaper is not bad, but it was certainly nothing I would have ever selected. So of course in order to paint, we had to remove the wallpaper. We had a hard time when we took it out of the other bathroom a few years ago, but the kitchen paper had come off in long sheets. This came off only by chisel.

The work has begun.

100_7987 100_7986

Eventually, we determined that in addition to the shower and towel rods and tissue roll holder, that we needed the toilet tank out, because there was even wallpaper back there. So Monday morning, I spent sitting on the toilet----just sitting on the tank in the tub while I scraped caulk and some grout.


Once the paper was finally off, B applied some drywall mud. I sanded it the next morning.


Sanding drywall mud is very dusty work.



So the mudding/sanding, mudding/sanding took two days and then there was the corner to deal with.

Who knew that under the corner wallpaper was only air? That’s right. The builders did not join the two sheets of drywall, but left it open. B found a strip of molding to fill in the gap: cut it, nailed it, caulked it and finally after some other caulking, the painting began.


Yup! We’re goin’ green. Sage is the color. B finished the painting on Wednesday afternoon. Now there is the grout/ caulking for the tile; replacing the toilet tank… that will be nice to have two of again. And putting back the racks and switch cover.


I am shopping for a new shower curtain, though the old one will still work in the meantime. It is just that-- believe it or not-- we have had that shower curtain for more than a dozen years and I am just SO ready for a change. The problem was that it went with the wallpaper and the floor, don’t ya know, in a way that no other one ever would. I have found that sage is a popular color to use in shower curtains.

So, overall, I am very pleased with the project and I’ll have to let you know if I can ever get all that drywall dust out of the house. It is fine, fine and it flies everywhere!


Krista said...

It looks great! I love the color! :)

S N B said...

I'm so glad somebody came to read this! I thought the title might put some off--that it might be a little over the top (or under the bottom).

Dani said...

I love the sage color! It's gonna look great when it's all done. :)