Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Good Eats On the Trip

As we arrived in North Carolina, we had not brought food for cooking supper in camp. The trip up was predictably hot and we had decided to buy fresh food there rather than try to keep it all iced.

So arriving at our destination at suppertime, we stopped at Hawg Wild Barbecue in the little town of Pisgah Forest, which adjoins Brevard. It was absolutely as awesome as D had said it was when he and his wife had been there the month before. The ribs, the ribs!!—and we aren’t really rib people. They were to die for!

One morning, we went up the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Pisgah Inn for breakfast. Now this was our third meal there since discovering it a few years back. It sits on top of the high ridge and the wall of glass gives every diner a beautiful view. The food is plentiful and good and modestly priced. There is an inn and a nice little gift shop. I have never been there when it was not cold and windy; even on this day on the first of July, we enjoyed our fleece.

Our last night, we went to Hendersonville to eat at West First Pizza, downtown in an old, renovated building. It has lovely stained glass and a huge wood-fired pizza oven.

West First Pizza

This salad was delicious!

---and almost gone before I took the picture.West First Pizza Salad The pizza was good, too.

Our sons are Fat Tire beer fans. Fat Tire has not made it to Florida markets yet, so to find it on tap and in the groceries was special.

West First Pizza with Fat Tire on Tap

The son who did not get to go on the trip got a little Fat Tire consolation gift.   8^)

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That is a good lokking pizza!