Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cool New Digs for D

On Saturday, we helped our younger son move a few things to his new apartment in Gainesville.  I had seen the outside last month but finally got to see inside. It is such a neat place---so unique, like our son.100_7635

The apartment is the downstairs of a house that the owner has built and decorated himself with a variety of unique materials. It is a very shady and private property in an older neighborhood, where the homes have been remodeled. The house is cedar and other wood and limestone, with beautiful tile flooring.


This is looking out the front door. (Below)


This is coming in the same entrance.


These are wonderful windows looking out on the yard. Notice the Florida limerock under the windows.


We hope D and the Roomba (his robotic vacuum) will be very content there!


wlhawh said...

Cool room to go with the cool sweeper.

Rurality said...

Looks like a nice place! Wish I had a roomba roomie. :)

Pablo said...

I've known people to get a Roomba specifically to antagonize cats!

Wonderful apartment. Everyone should have it so good.