Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello, Good-bye

I recently wrote about saying good-bye to a family who is moving to Oregon. On Monday, I had the pleasure of visiting with another family whose two children I taught in kindergarten. The daughter will begin high school this year and the son will be in middle school.

Their mom used to cut my hair when she was in cosmetology school. She was also instrumental in teaching me how to celebrate the Chinese New Year with my students, a practice I have continued for the past ten years. When she went home to Vietnam, she bought me some beautiful jade earrings that I wear in her honor each Chinese New Year, as well as at other times. She gave me elegantly embroidered silk clothes that her children had worn for Chinese New Year celebrations. This year I took each of my students’ pictures wearing the outfits.

A few years ago, her husband’s job took them to Denver. We have stayed in contact through email and Christmas cards. So when she let me know they were coming to Tallahassee for a visit, we determined to meet. They came here for a while one afternoon. It was wonderful to say “hello” again, though we had to say “good-bye” until the next time.


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