Saturday, May 16, 2009

Slime Mold Sculpture

Wednesday morning, B called me outside just as I was getting ready to leave for school. Here is what he called to show me: a slime mold growing on the wood chips left from where we had a tree taken down and the stump ground.


There were two of them. B noticed up where the white pieces are that the ground was wet there, creating the effect of a shadow.

The best we can tell, we have something called Fuligo Septica, a slime mold commonly found on wood chips, with the unfortunate common name of “dog vomit.”

Twenty-four hours later it looked like this:


Turn your head sideways to the right and look at it. Don’t you see Statler or is it Waldorf?

What?? You don’t remember them??? Those were the two geezers who sat in the box seats and complained about how bad the show was on the Muppets. I love those guys!---though I don’t know which was which. OK,  so the left side of his face is a little melted. What do you want from a slime mold?

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Dani said...

I loved the Muppets! :)