Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Moccasin of the Summer

This young moccasin was sunning in the middle of a road near Lake Jackson on the north side of Tallahassee this Sunday afternoon. It is okay with us that we do not live anywhere near Lake Jackson. We have enough moccasins of our own!


It was only about 14 inches long and never moved as I photographed it. (Though I had B watching the snake while I fiddled with the camera!) 100_7349

If we zoom way in, (below) you can just see the yellow tip of the tail that is characteristic of young moccasins. This is the first time I have ever seen it.


Here you can see the broad stripe down its cheek that is a sure sign of a moccasin.



In the shot below, you can see that triangular head.


As snakes go, it was a purty snake.

When we returned minutes later, there was no sign of the snake.

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wlhawh said...

Nice to see you still have the nack for snakes. Those were good close-ups.