Friday, May 22, 2009

The Ole Warbler and the Shoe

Prothonotary Warblers are cavity nesters. The males, like this one, build several nests and then sing to attract a female who finishes one of the nests. 


B’s work boots live just inside the garage when they are not working. This Prothonotary Warbler seems to be considering the merit of this as a nest site. He disappeared in first one boot and then the other, before following his nose in search of a less odiferous location than sweaty work boots.

As many snakes and skinks as we have, this was probably not a good idea, anyway.

Just one more reason to dump your boots before you put your foot in.


Daniel said...

There's a stinky shoe joke in here somewhere, but I'm just not sure where to make it.

S N B said...

Both the male and female were back today and poking around in the garage and in the newspaper box. No pictures turned out. 8^(

wlhawh said...

Just hang the boots up on the wall they will be safe from the snakes up there.