Saturday, August 23, 2008

Water War

With Fay on the way, B and I had a discussion at supper on Thursday about the water that typically floods our front walk and rises to cover the little front porch. That is from rains that present much less than was being predicted with this storm. He decided to set up 16' drain extensions to the gutters to help direct the water away from the house. For hours and hours, they have kept the flood off the porch.




It was only after we had had12.5 inches of rain since yesterday morning, (and it was still coming down harder than ever) that we became concerned about it coming in the door.


It was time for the sandbags to be put in place.



A very welcoming front entrance, don't you think?


Well, we have had 19 inches now since yesterday morning and the efforts have kept the water out of the door. We have had over 17 inches today.

B dug some trenches to allow a collected puddle to drain to the street.



We swept water down the walk with brooms to direct it down the driveway. No pictures of that. We were busy sweeping.

And still the rains came down.

Another few inches to pour out and record. The flash gives the impression the sun is shining. It has not been seen for the past two days.


Here is the front ditch where water never collects.


The swamp across the cul-de-sac that is usually hidden by trees, can now be seen as it has invaded the neighbor's yard more than half way to their house.


Here is our backyard's path:


And more backyard flooding. This is not a low area:



A son's boat's tarp held but required bailing a couple of times. B used a five gallon bucket. It was a lotta watta.


Critter update:

Despite the fact that the bird feeder took a hit and is in pieces, cardinals were there whenever it was not pouring to seek out a wet seed or two.


There are still at least seven goldfish in the pond and the water is clearer than it has been all summer.

And no toads have drowned in the pond.


We lost electricity for 4.5 hours this evening just as it was getting really dark. (It has been dark all day.) B read by the window and I worked on my school homework.


We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for supper and because it needed eating: ice cream. Tough job, but someone's got to do it.

All in all, we feel very blessed to have (up to this point) won the war with the water. Of course, it's still raining.

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David said...

WOW! Great post - that IS alotta-watta