Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quite the Puddle at Piney Z

We stopped at the little city park on Lake Piney Z this evening to check out the water status. This is the little dock. The water is over the dike before the dock even begins.


Hundreds of white birds were flying into an area across the lake. They looked like egrets, but it was really far. There could have been a mix.


This looks over at where the second dike is, the canoe launch. You don't see it, because it is under water.


This was taken from the canoe launch.


Past the signs of any grass, is a sign. We guesstimated that it stands four feet at the lower side of the sign.


The trail down to the canoe launch has evidence of recent tree removal. It was not this open before and the stump grinder woodchips are fresh.


Lake Piney Z and Lake Lafayette are twin lakes and they were in dire need of water. Well, they got it with Fay. Sadly, we read that one of the sewage leaks went into these lakes. In the picture above, B was looking for our son's wood duck boxes that were his Eagle Scout project. We didn't find them. It may be that we could not get into the right place to be able to spot them, due to the high water.

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David said...

Wow! Thanks for the pictures...I'd been wondering what it looked like down there. Hope ya'll don't get more rain w/ Gustav...looks like we all might be getting some outer bands.