Monday, August 25, 2008

Swallowtails and Snake Tails

Ever since the rains stopped, the butterflies have been all in the yard. I mean it is called a butterfly garden that we have out front where we observe them (and the hummingbirds) feeding from the flowers while we are feeding at our table. But there have been noticeably more since the rains.

I actually took my camera out to try and capture a cow ant--which, as far as I am concerned, is the only way to capture a cow ant-- but of course, it had better things to do than hang around waiting to have its picture made, and was nowhere to be seen when I got back. So since I was out there, I went to see what kind of butterflies I might "catch." Butterflies are not usually cooperative either when it comes to having their picture taken: they rarely sit still. These two swallowtails, did not come out so badly.



As I was taking the pictures, some movement caught my eye.

There within two feet of my two feet was a black racer snake.

As soon as I spotted him, he did what racers do: he zipped away. But then he had second thoughts, and eased back toward me. As he did, I could see his white chin, that is an identifying characteristic.

Apparently, I haven't learned much: I still had on my flip-flops.

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