Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sweet Sumac, All Abuzz

When I walked this morning, I first heard, then saw, the honeybees in the winged sumac (Rhus copallinum L.) beside the road. With all the talk about the decline of honeybees, it was a reassuring sight. I might add that I have noticed a reduction in the number of honeybees relative to what we used to see. As a lover of honey, and as someone who has a clue about their important role as pollinators, I am quite concerned.


By the time I returned from my walk, got my camera, walked back to the sumac, most of the honeybees were gone. However, there was a variety of other insects enjoying the sweet nectar of these fragrant flowers. There were none of them, though, who were at all interested in posing for a picture. They were after all, busy as-- well--beesI I took three dozen pictures and am not thrilled with any.



I hardly saw this tiny green anole who had tucked himself in and camouflaged so well, while he no doubt checked out the bug menu.


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