Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Santa Rosa Sand and Surf


We gladly accepted an invitation to join family at Santa Rosa Beach, near Destin. We drove over on Sunday and spent the night, greatly enjoying our time there. The house itself, the scenery, the food and, best of all, catching up with family news made for  wonderful memories.

With a tropical storm in the Gulf, the double red flags were out the whole time we were there ---and being enforced. Four people had drowned last week and one this weekend. Not even wading was permitted, though the surfers with tethered boards were allowed to take advantage of the waves.  The pounding of the surf was so loud, we kept looking for a military jet overhead, and occasionally there was an F-16 or an F-15. (B knows his jets!) Most of the time, it was just the waves.

Thankfully, the strong east wind kept down the heat which mid-day Sunday was in the 90's. But Sunday evening was lovely as both the moon and the sun set, and folks came out to enjoy it.



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Katie said...

Sounds like a great trip! Glad y'all got to go to the beach!