Saturday, August 30, 2008

Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here

A few years ago, when we were shopping for a freezer to replace our dying, small chest freezer, some friends offered us their old full-size standing one. We gladly brought it home and put it in our garage. Since then, when we weren't looking, it accumulated an ice collection that was rather impressive.


Early this morning, we emptied its contents into ice chests and B pulled it to the door of the garage to thaw. It took hours for it to all drip out. In the meantime, I began the cleaning of the corner of the garage it claims and the outside of the freezer itself. When it was thawed, I finished the wiping out of the inside and we left it to dry during lunch.


Now it is back in its corner, full of ice and food that is organized so that we can actually quickly find what we need. While Martha would not approve of the frequency of the defrosting, she might just give a thumbs up to the results of today's efforts.

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