Sunday, September 7, 2014

Paddling Lake Miccosukee

One morning this summer, the forecast was for some cooler air. We took that as a sign that we should take out the aluminum canoe and get it wet. We agreed on trying out Lake Miccosukee, as we had never had a boat in there before. There are times when the lake dries up until it is disconnected puddles, but we have had enough rain to fill it up. The air was so still.

 Water lilies clog the lake in most places. It made paddling challenging at times. We had to look for weak links to push our way through.

This little green heron was enjoying the morning air. These birds are said to drop crusts of bread, worms, twigs, feathers and other objects onto the water as lures to entice fish to come to them.

An osprey was nesting high above the lake.

We also saw a rail, but I was not fast enough with my camera.

 It was a pleasant morning-- that quickly became broiling. We decided that the reason no one else was on the lake was because there aren't any fish in it. We certainly did not see anything but minnows and B was not able to get a single nibble on his line. Still we were glad we had taken the time to enjoy the cooler morning.

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