Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Once upon a time, there was an eagles' nest. It was high in the top of a pine on a salt marsh island. The nest was old and the size of a Volkswagen Bug. We have loved it because it could be seen from the road, so it was our best observed nest. We have seen the parents in the nearby trees or in the nest for years. We have seen fuzzy-headed babies in the nest.

A few weeks ago, a prescribed fire got a little hotter than I suspect was expected, and the nest caught fire and was destroyed. We were shocked to see it gone. These eagles migrate and were gone at the time.

Today, we were approaching the viewpoint when I said, "Well, maybe they will rebuild. Maybe they had fire insurance." That was when we saw a lone eagle perched in the tree that had held the nest.

On our return drive, we were pleased to see the pair in a nearby tree. 

Our daughter-in-law said that clearly the female is saying:
"...And I want the new place to have a bigger kitchen."

If you look very carefully, you might be able to see the male rolling his eyes.

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