Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's a Wrap!

The evening after we made our little day trip to Mirror Lake, we began to prepare to wrap up our vacation and head home to humidity. We found a campground host who would like to have our tent for his son to sleep in when he visited. We had planned all along not to bring it back. It had not worn well, despite its brand and price. Holes are not such an issue in the desert as in the southeast where we camp. I found a single mom car-camping with her two young children. I offered her a tub full of items, including the tub. Much of it we had picked up a Dollar Tree, for a dollar each. She was thrilled. It was not until the next day when I learned that oh, yeah, she was Mormon and I had given her coffee. She said she knew who to share it with.

We were able to make everything fit into the one suitcase and bags we were carrying.  We decided to take another scenic drive to get back to Salt Lake City. It is called the Alpine Loop and was about as narrow and steep and winding as we have driven. Hence, there are no pictures. There were no pull-outs and I am sure it was beautiful, but it was not as enjoyable as Mirror Lake because of the concentration required for driving it. It took us through Robert Redford's Sundance Resort of 5,000 acres on Mount Timpanogos. (Jeremiah Johnson was filmed there.)
Near the end of this wild road was park and this sign showed that bighorn sheep were around. We were able to pull over and use the binoculars,  but we saw none.

Back in Salt Lake City, we popped into Ikea and then had a fabulous lunch at a local icon called The Red Iguana. We turned in our rental car with 2600 miles logged in the two weeks. We got a shuttle to our hotel and had a decent night before our flight home in the morning. 

The owner of the hoodie below was our seat mate. She teaches ESE and plays roller derby. The name on the left is her derby name.

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