Friday, April 24, 2009

Mark of the Potter

In an old mill near Clarkesville, Georgia is the pottery shop and studio that goes by the name of:





It is a popular little place that has quite a variety of items.  B found a cookbook to buy.

I was interested to see this operational Coke machine.


(We later found this Pepsi box at Tallulah Falls. It was icing down Ne-Hi’s.)


One of the attractions of Mark of the Potter is its trout. For a quarter, people buy a small handful of fish food and throw it off the top deck to the well-fed monsters below. Some of those trout are 2.5 feet long.


You see, the potter family has for generations owned both sides of the river for a section and kept fishing to themselves, as indicated by this old sign tacked to a tree:


---Though they maintained a sense of humor.


and in case you were wondering, it is pronounced So-Kwee River.

It was a cool place and though it was our first time there, it will not likely be our last.

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David said...

Look at those fiiiish!

So when are ya'll going back up to N. GA so that Dad can chase some trout? :)