Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Fanning (Springs) Equation

The river continues to rise and, with more rain on Monday north of here, things don’t look to improve much.


This pole marks the record flood levels in the recent past, back to 1948 which was at the top.


One of the locals with whom we spoke, said the river is expected to crest higher than the 1973 level.



This sign is measuring river miles, not highway or “as-the-crow-flies” miles.


In case you are wondering about the word “equation” in the title:

The Fanning equation, or sometimes the D'Arcy or the Fanning-D'Arcy equation is used to calculate the pressure drop that occurs when liquids flow in pipes.

On behalf of the people of Fanning Springs, let us pray for a pressure drop as the Suwannee flows downstream (and all out in the woods) before it reaches this point. Perhaps as one local pointed out, the previous dryness of the woods and the new foliation will help absorb a great amount of water as it comes downstream.


R.Powers said...

You were in my backyard!

S N B said...

Didn't see you at Huckleberry's!