Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dillard House Petting Farm

The Dillard House feeds you well, but also invites you to feed their animals. The horses who were our neighbors at the rented farm house, were part of the ones available to ride  at the stables.

Beside the stables was a corral of sorts where a variety of livestock were housed, including a large hog, chickens, goats and this llama—-all looking for a handout.


There was a bison.


And this HUGE ox:


Her long, long tongue was pink and black. (That is not a shadow on her tongue.)


She’s practicing to be an Elvis impersonator! Check out the lip curl. (Thank ya verah much!)


Here’s a couple of shots to show where we were. It is very picturesque.



In the background, are some of the many inn rooms.

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